Yoga Dance Online

Flexibility in your 40s – and beyond

Endrian yoga combines postures designed to improve balance and co-ordination with controlled breathing and meditation exercises, and every class begins with an extensive warm-up, followed by yoga dance.

The music of dance seems to have a beneficial impact on immobility and restricted range of movement.

Physical limitations can be overcome when dance is added.

The dances are taught in slow motion at the start of each class, using modified moves initially, to allow students to feel comfortable at all stages.

Dance has long been recognised as a therapy to improve mental health. It gives people the opportunity to express themselves. It improves their emotional state, exerting a positive effect on the mind, and elevating mood.

Yoga dance encourages students to exist in the moment and to focus – a sort of mindfulness.

The combination of yoga and yoga dance works very well in rebuilding confidence in whichever area, mental or physical, each person needs.


Khalid has been teaching yoga since 2003, and is also qualified in Kinesiology, the study of muscles and movement. The idea of incorporating yoga dance began when he was teaching for Kent Blind Association.

He has a Cert. Ed., and is a member of BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association).

He has studied Cyberkinetics, Kinergetics and Chiron, and is a Master Reiki Healer.