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John Tillyard (Cornwall Chiropractic Clinic)
"As a chiropractor I believe that Yoga can benefit many of my patients who present with underlying musculo-skeletal problems. I find Khalid to be both sensitive and very knowledgeable of how the body works, offering real tangible support to his clients. I also attend his classes myself."
Simon Dudley (age 27, Brighton)
"The classes were very relaxing and alleviated the tension in my body."
Kellie Cowlishaw
"Had an Indian Head Massage from Khalid. Very relaxing!"
Mrs. Miriam Plummer (age 86, Bromley)
"I fell over in my allotment and was able to get up without the aid of my stick. Had it not been for the yoga, I would not have been able to get up unaided."
Mrs.Beryl Dangerfield (age 80, Bickley)
"After only a few sessions of the meditation I could see different colours (of the chakras) with my eyes closed. I love the slow, graceful movements and feel them to be beneficial in my everyday life."
Mr. K. Jobanputra (age 76, Kingsbury)
"After your sessions I felt more balanced and co-ordinated."
Matt Roberts
"Had a fantastic healing session with Khalid. Very relaxing. Recommended!"


 Endrian Yoga Lessons

The emphasis of Endrian Yoga is on relaxation and movement without strain. It is a blend of Hatha Yoga with postures borrowed from Silat, an ancient martial art.

Private Endrian Yoga Lesson


How Endrian Yoga Works

Many everyday activities and exercises can place stress on the body, causing muscles to tighten. This becomes a habit and makes it more difficult to relax and move freely. State of mind can also add to this tension and restrict ease of movement. Endrian Yoga techniques can effectively counteract this and lessen the decline in mobility as we grow older.

How Endrian Yoga Can Help

The physical practices of Endrian Yoga help the body to relax and meditation helps the mind. Becoming aware of how we breathe is very important for both. The postures, combined with correct breathing, will stimulate the circulation, digestion, nervous system and endocrine system and lead to improvements in posture, health and concentration. The body will be strengthened and, at the same time, suppleness will be improved and maintained.

Regular practice can minimise the effects of stress and ill health. The body’s immune system begins to work better and, as a consequence, we feel happier, healthier and experience an improved quality of life.

Endrian Yoga Lessons

Core postures are performed regularly throughout the syllabus and other, more complex, moves are introduced gradually and appropriately, according to your capabilities and requirements, so that no stress is put on the body. Because the Yoga is tailored to the individual pupil, shape, weight, age and ability are not restrictive.

Private Endrian Yoga Lesson

Learn Endrian Yoga in small groups or individual private lessons

Group Endrian Yoga Class

Khalid Beg founder of The Institute of Endrian Yoga

Association of Systematic Kinesiology

British Complementary Medicine Association