About Endrian Yoga

Many everyday activities and exercises can place stress on the body, causing muscles to tighten. This becomes a habit and makes it more difficult to relax and move freely. State of mind can also add to this tension and restrict ease of movement. Endrian Yoga techniques can effectively counteract this and lessen the decline in mobility as we grow older.

The physical practices of Endrian Yoga help the body to relax, and meditation helps the mind. Being aware of how we breathe is very important for both. The postures, combined with correct breathing, stimulate the circulation, digestion, nervous system and endocrine system and lead to improvements in posture, health and concentration. The body is strengthened and, at the same time, suppleness is improved and maintained.

Regular practice can minimise the effects of stress and ill health. The body’s immune system begins to work better and, as a consequence, we feel happier, healthier and experience an improved quality of life.

A meditation is included before and after each session.

An element of yoga dance is incorporated into the yoga. Dance has long been recognised as a therapy to improve mental health. It is known to improve one’s emotional state, exerting a positive effect on the mind and elevating mood.

Yoga dance encourages students to exist in the moment and to focus (mindfulness). The dance-like moves are choreographed by Khalid. They are taught in slow motion after an extensive warm-up.

Modified moves are also taught simultaneously in order to allow students to feel comfortable at all stages of their development.

This yoga dance improves flexibility and strength, promotes relaxation, helps to relieve stress, stimulates circulation and increases bodily awareness.

A typical yoga session consists of:

meditation, warm-up, yoga dance (5 minutes), yoga, meditation.